Making the Desert bloom

Before Israel was created, much of the land was covered by swamp and dunes. Early Zionists set themselves the task of reclaiming it.

The most difficult mission was to irrigate the Negev.

One of the Israeli poets named "NATAN ALTERMANN" wrote a song by the name: "CONCERTO TO A PIPE" Where he came to the conclusion that the History of the Negev was made by the plumber who connected the pipe line to the desert.

We will visit the Northern Negev, next to the Gaza strip, see the kibbutzim right next to Gaza. The Besuor valley where desert landscapes combined with irrigated orchards. Reservoirs, dams and fields, ancient synagogues, stories of the Australian horseman's during world war 1 and a lot of vegetables tastings. 

נבנה ע"י קידום פלוס - בניית אתרי תדמית לעסקים

Malka Garshenovich​



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