The Ancient Biblical cities.

Come meet the Land of King David and Goliat the Philistine.

We will fit the exact biblical tour for each group. Than we will visit the land of the bible: The Tel of BEIT SHEMESH, The KAIFA  ruins at the ELLA valley which is considers to be one of King David's cities, LACHISH– one of the most important cities during the period of the first temple period.

The ancient philistine's cities:

GAT (TEL ZAFIT)- The city of Goliat, ASHKEON, ASHDOD, AZEKA- Where the fight between David and Goliat took place.

We will hear about the King David's kingdom, about one of the Judian Soldier who informed his commander, shortly before the Judian destruction by the Babilonian that he was watching the torch of the city of Lacish because he no longer see the torch from the city of Azeka.

In Ashkelon we will meet the most ancient arched gate in the world.

נבנה ע"י קידום פלוס - בניית אתרי תדמית לעסקים

Malka Garshenovich​



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