Jerusalem bells

Meet Jerusalem means to breathe the mountains fresh air, the silence and the extraordinary view, The sacred atmosphere, hearing the churches bells, The Muazzin calling for prayers, The lovely views, The ancient and the new…

Take One day tour in Jerusalem to see the best of the city, or few days to see and feel its diverse cultures.

We will visit the old city, The CHRISTIANS QUARTER which is a home to thousands of Arab and European Christians. We will visit the Churches and meet the several sects around the holy Sepulchre.

The ARMAENIAN QUARTER, THE JEWISH QUATHER which is smallest and most attractive of the city's district, ancient ruins alongside the new looking.

THE MUSLIM QUARTER: The far and largest most colorful district of the old city. We will go through the Via Dolorosa – It is honored as the rote taken by Christ as he carried his cross to Golgotha, Where he was crucified. It is also where you can find markets, Arabs in flowing traditional dress, Narrow streets and oriental vibrant culture.

The sacred experience of the city is the DOME OF THE ROCK, AL AQSA MOSQUE, THE WESTERN WALL and the experience of the CITY OF DAVID by walking throw the ancient water system channel of Jerusalem.

Out of the wall, we will also visit the Olive mount churches including GATHSEMANE and the KIDRON valley.

נבנה ע"י קידום פלוס - בניית אתרי תדמית לעסקים

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